She is a highly respected, in-demand beauty professional. He is a leader and exceptionally successful human resources professional. This may sound like a love story, but it’s not the kind you might expect. Their love for the incredible impact well-crafted lashes and brows can make, no matter what their customer’s personal beauty goal, brought them together. Business partners, Jessi Love and Derek Cockroft, are building a special lash partnership and anyone who isn’t part of the experience is missing out. 


Separately, Jessi and Derek have seen great success while building their careers. They each focus on unique customer experiences and the exceptional artistry of the lash craft. They’ve seen the common pitfalls and failures for many solopreneurs and are combining forces to bring leadership, a voice, and community to the industry. Derek and Jessi quickly realized how much stronger they could be together, even though they’ve spent most of their careers as direct competitors in Edmonton, Alberta. Join the Lash Common family as a customer, employee or owner and know you are receiving the best possible care the industry has to offer. 

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