franchise faq


What type of locations are suitable for your Lash Common? 

Because your franchise is a destination service, locations can vary but power centres, strip mall or street front locations are ideal.


How or where is inventory purchased?

All products are directly purchased exclusively from Lash Common Distribution.


Who determines the right location?

Lash Common will support owners to source the locations. Extensive research is done including consideration of market demographics and success of other retailers in the trading area.


What are the fees of a Lash Common Franchise?

The Lash Common Franchise Fee is $50,000. 8% of your gross sales are payable as a royalty fee and 2% are payable as an advertising and promotions fee.


What is expected of you as an owner?

Owners are responsible for the three pillars of People, Processes and Systems.  These three functions are supported by Lash Common to promote the success of your franchise. People: Day to day management of your people. This includes, training, health, issues, collaborative efforts, payroll and scheduling. Ultimately this speaks to the customer and the ongoing relationship building with them to ensure an exceptional experience. Processes: We want owners to be focused on customer development. Reordering supplies and payroll are the two main functions, local marketing events, social media participation and ongoing brand growth is the primary focus. Systems: all the sales systems, scheduling, website, etc will be supported and maintained through Lash Common to make this simple. Quality audits and customer satisfaction tools would be the focus.


Are there opportunities for multiple locations?

Multiple locations are open to all potential owners!


What income can a franchisee expect to earn?

The level of income that a Franchisee earns is dependent on a number of factors, including the Franchisee’s level of involvement in the operation, sales performance, cost controls, fixed overhead, location and market.


Who manages the development of my store?

We manage the design, inventory and equipment with the involvement of the franchisee. We assist the Franchisee with staffing and training.


How much does it cost to open a Lash Common?

The combined costs associated with opening a Lash Common Franchise varies, dependent on the size of the location and market conditions. The average Franchise locations range between $200,000 and $400,000.  Lash Common will assist you in identifying financing options that best suits your needs!