how to get started

Step 1: You gather Information and complete Request for Information

You review the content on the Lash Common website. Our website is full of information about the Lash Common Franchise opportunity. Complete and submit the Is Franchising Right For Me form to


Step 2: Am I ready to be a Franchisee? 

You will be sent the Franchise Application Form. The package is reviewed and you will be contacted by the owners.


Step 3: You Meet the Owners

This is the stage where you ask all your questions! Nothing is off the table to assist you in making the right choice.


Step 4: Validation

We will send you a non-disclosure agreement, additional validation information. Once the package has been returned, a detailed Lash Common Franchise Prospectus will be sent and a meeting will be created. If all is a good fit between you and the owners and both parties are comfortable to proceed, we will complete a business plan.


Step 5: The Meeting to Award the Franchise

Once Lash Common has been able to fully review and approve your application, a final meeting will be established to sign the standard Lash Common franchise documents and agreements, collect the franchise fee and award you your own Lash Common franchise!

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