post lash rules



For the first {2-4 hrs} DO NOT allow water to come in contact with your lashes


DO NOT rub your eyes. DO NOT wash eyes or lashes with hot water or steam the face and avoid swimming, jacuzzi or steam bath/ sauna. Avoid facials, massages, tanning


Use a cotton swab with oil free makeup remover to remove eye makeup. Apply eye cream sparingly to the eye area without touching the lash line.


Clean your lashes everyday with a eyelash wash or eyelash shampoo. Use a face cloth to wash your face, avoiding rubbing the lashes. Gently pat them dry after washing the face.


When your lashes become crooked or tangled use a clean mascara wand to brush through your lashes gently. The best time is after showering and let them dry in position.


DO NOT wear mascara, curl, or tug at your lashes. DO NOT perm your lashes before or after your eyelash application.


When sleeping, don’t place your face in your pillow and don’t wear an eye mask unless the eye mask is specifically for eyelash extensions. When showering, don’t face the shower head and tilt your head backwards.


Make a second appointment for your lash fill within 3-4 weeks to insure your eyelash extensions

remain full and straight.